Steampunk Haolin Unveils Collection of Steampunk Masks and Gothic Clothing
Steampunk Haolin popularized the odd-looking but unprecedented steampunk masks for men and women as well as Gothic clothing. This shop’s collections include the sleek-looking steampunk mask and categories that consist of the following:
  • Costume Steampunk Woman’s Best Match
  • Steampunk Coat
  • Steampunk Shawl
  • Steampunk Skirt
  • Steampunk Masks
Among their bestselling products are the Women’s Steampunk Costume Armor Shrugs for Women Steampunk Arm Warmer; Black Steampunk Men’s Jacket Gothic Clothing Pirate Renaissance Punk Coat; and, the Gothic Clothing Steampunk Mask Men.
Origins of Steampunk
Steampunk refers to the subgenre or subcategory of science fiction and fantasy that integrates artistic designs. 19th Century industrial machines powered by steam or the Industrial Revolution in Europe (1800s) inspired these aesthetic patterns. The fashion was designed with post-apocalyptic generation in the mind. Steampunk consists of apparel (Gothic clothing), hairstyle, jewelry, accessories, and makeup.
At first, clothes including bustier or strapless bodice (upper part of the dress) as well as jackets were more often than not personalized and handmade. However, enterprising businesses took interest in this trend and started producing steampunk clothing in volume for eCommerce shops and physical retail establishments. Since this style became popular, the creative side of the steampunk fashion remained consistent.
Fresh ideas in literature and the modernization of technology as well as science produced slight modifications. However, steampunk became more prevalent only in the 1980s and later during the 1990s. The fashion thrived along with the Punk and Goth movements. Cyber and dieselpunk vogues are variations of the Steampunk craze in the eighties. A Steampunk convention was held in 2006 where advocates of the subcategory wore costumes that reflected the particular era.

Steampunk Masks
In the olden time, this mask was used by physicians attending to infected patients. It served as a deterrent against the “Plague” and covered the doctor’s entire body from head to toe. The face protector stores the herbs or incense to prevent “bad air” from coming in and the doctor from being contaminated with the disease. Nowadays, the steampunk mask man is a popular but distinct trend in dressing up. It is highlighted by online outlets like Steampunk Haolin which sells related merchandise. The mask is usually made of hard plastic or resin and sometimes decorated with metal spikes. It is safe with anti-impact properties for additional protection.
Gothic Clothing Origin
The Gothic subculture originated in England during the 1980s following the Punk culture’s decline. Gothic clothing inherited Victorian, Renaissance, and Punk styles combining them with modern dressing styles. By and large, it is an attempt to deviate from the conventional method and opt instead for a look that looks disorganized or incoherent. Many European youngsters who patronize this subculture dye their hair with black tint, apply black lipstick and nail polish, and dress in black clothing to emphasize a unique Gothic fashion statement.
About Steampunk Haolin
You can visit Steampunk Haolin’s website at send an email to haolin-steampunk@outlook.comfor inquiries.
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